Where we are going, we don’t need roads

Back in 1985 the movie “Back to the Future” took us back to 1955 as a look back at America in a simpler time. Towards the end of the movie Dr. Emmett “Doc” Brown picks up his buddy Marty McFly for a trip to the future, 2015 to be exact. During their discussion McFly tells Brown that he is worried there isn’t enough roadway for the duo’s Delorean to reach the necessary 88 miles per hour. To which Brown makes the reply referenced in the headline above before lifting off in the flying Delorean heading for the future. Sadly, the future has not been as kind to us as might have been anticipated in 1985. We have not reached an age where flying cars have made roads unnecessary. Roads are an integral and important part of living in the modern area, especially for our small towns. Recently, we ran a story in The Dewey County Record regarding increased traffic in Seiling and the inability of local officials to have crosswalk warning signs for our roadways due to Oklahoma Department of Transportation restrictions.


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