Two new police officers were hired at the Canton Town Board meeting last Thursday. Devon Zacharias and Brandon Parks will have to go through CLEET training.

The July distribution of sales tax collections by the Oklahoma Tax Commission primarily represents local tax receipts from May business.

Canton History Day students traveled to Ireland and Scotland with their friends and family. The prize was awarded at the National History Day contest last year.


My great-grandfather could likely fit the quintessential definition of an American cowboy.

I’ve been with Trail Miller Co., LLC for over a year. While not a real long time, I’ve learned so much about the newspaper business.

Agricultural products have been in the cross hairs of retaliation by countries targeted by President Trump’s trade tariffs.

Pork and soybeans have been the favorite target of China.


While the Canton High School boys’ basketball team has concluded their play for the summer as a part of the school, that has not stopped the team from participating in Mid America Youth Basketball

A group of parents and volunteers came together this summer to help give the Canton baseball field a much needed makeover.

Coach Patrick Rich and the Canton boys’ basketball team travelled to Fairview last week to participate in their three-day Summer League.

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