The purest form of government

Thursday at the Okeene Kiwanis meeting Bob Ford asked the assembled members about the purest form of government here in the United States. Several members answered that the U.S. is a republic and therefore follows that form of governance, but Ford was specifically asking about the type of government which evidences such purity. The question is somewhat of a thorny concept because it considers the issue of what constitutes purity in our country.

Some people, specifically those who forgot their high school civics lessons, think that the U.S. is a democracy, but technically that is not fully true. We are not a pure democracy in that citizens do not vote individually on every issue facing our government entities. Instead we have a representative system whereby we elect people to represent us on a variety of issues. Our founders preferred to establish a republic because they were wary of a purely democratic system that could devolve into mob rule.


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