Mother Nature spares no one

William's Reflections

The last few weeks have been interesting for our neighbors in Texas and folks in Florida. Two terrible storms have wrecked havoc on a monumental scale.

The one-two punch of hurricanes Harvey and Irma created life or death type situations for thousands of people and billions of dollars in damage, the full extent of which still isn't clear as cleanup activities are still progressing.

That is the thing about Mother Nature, she doesn't care if you are conservative or liberal, male or female, black, white, green blue or purple. Her fury can come at anytime or any place and spares no one in her path.

The good thing is it is times like these where we get to see the real America, namely Americans helping other Americans, no matter their age, race, sex or political affiliation. When people are in need we step up to the plate to help out.

For the last several weeks, I have watched news stories about Oklahomans providing money, supplies and help to those in need both in Texas and Florida. The story is true for states all around this country. People helping their neighbors, no matter where or who they are.

It is sad in a way that catastrophes are what bring us together as a people. Last week was the 16th anniversary of the attacks of 9/11. Everyone who was alive on that sad day remembers where they were and what they were doing, but even more so, people remember how we came together as a country, as Americans to help those suffering. We watched stories of heroism and sacrifice on that fateful day and for a brief period of time we were united as our pledge states, "one nation under God."

I suppose I should be happy that in these times of need we band together and remember that we are united in our bonds as Americans, but being somewhat of a cynic I look to our divided government and our divided people and wonder will we ever be able to really put aside our differences and reach a consensus that will benefit everyone?

To those who have stepped up to lend money, time or supplies to those in need thank you, but remember we have people in our country who have needs every single day. Don't forget about them as you go about your business. There are tons of great organizations in this country that do wonderful things to help people, donate your time or funds to one of these organizations so that they can continue to share our truly American excellence with those in need.

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